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Why Deconstruct and Donate

Did you know that construction debris nearly doubles the total waste that ends up in a land fill each year? Much of the material that is removed from remodeling projects can, in fact, be repurposed. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s how TopComp handles remodeling, while trying to reduce our environmental footprint, help those in need, and the homeowner also gets a tax write-off!

There are several services that handle deconstruction on large remodeling projects where they will remove everything from cabinets, plumping fixtures, appliances, lighting and even counter tops. Many of these services either resell the products at a low rate to others that can reuse them, or some services like Habitat for Humanity will use them to build homes for the less fortunate. 

For us at TopComp, we’ve worked with both Stardust and Habitat for Humanity on projects where we have to remove cabinets and more. On others that are more cosmetic and we’re only replacing plumbing and lighting fixtures for example, we often set those aside for other donation services such as Arizona Humane Society or Habitat for Humanity to pick up. These services not only help local charities and those in need, but they save us on our demo budget, and space in the dumpster, then landfill. 

Quite often homeowners will also want to donate household goods such as furniture and clothing, both of which many charities will pick up for free. We often ask sellers to leave a pile in the garage for the items they choose not to take with them, and we’ll find which charity the items can most benefit. Some of our favorites include Big Brothers and Sisters, AMVET (supports veterans and their families), The Arc (supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities), and the local emergency shelters. 

Many people think that if they just have a box or two it’s not worth the effort to donate, or their items are too damaged or old to bother; this is often not the case. For example, Arizona Humane Society will schedule a free pick up for 2 boxes/bags or more, and your old bed sheets and towels are a major necessity in the animal shelters years round. Check their website for a long list of accepted items. Even if you’re not moving but doing a deep clean, consider scheduling a free pick up with a charity that will repurpose your old items for those in need and save the landfill of a few unnecessary items. 

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