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Range Hoods – The Unsung Heroes



For a long time, they were just another necessary appliance, often an industrial-looking stainless-steel hood that did absolutely nothing for the aesthetic of a kitchen. Sometimes also tucked into an over-the-range microwave, range hoods were nothing to be celebrated, until now.


Range hoods can be customized to be a show-stopper in a kitchen and a really inexpensive way to get creative if you have some basic wood working skills and couple tools. This is also one of the easiest ways to add interest in your kitchen without spending a fortune. We’ve been big believers in the range hoods acting as a center-pieces and now customize nearly every single one we get our hands on. Here are a few of our favorite inspirations:


  1. The “shiplap” look-alike: this look can be recreated with smooth plywood that is spaced at 1/4 inch for a very inexpensive and efficient way to achieve the same look with minimal prep work or sanding.


Via Driven By Decor


2. Smooth Drywall: This is achieved by framing your vent with 2×4’s and then drywalling, mudding, and sanding smooth. This one is likely the least expensive method of all and can be customized with a metal, natural wood detail or simply painted in a bold color.


Via Riverside Sheet Metal


3. The Oversized Custom Look: This one can be created to take up an entire wall, add interior shelving or niches for books or cooking tools, and truly make your kitchen look like one of a kind.


Via Becki Owens


4. Smooth and Simple: if you don’t want your range hood to be the center piece of the kitchen, blending it into the background instead of having an ugly stainless vent displayed is the way to go.


Via Kismet House


5. Tiled Hood: If your backsplash is the highlight of the kitchen and you’d love to make it stand out even more, frame, drywall and tile your range hood and even add a little accessory shelf that you can change out seasonally.


Via Becki Owens


6. Marble Trend: Got the most beautiful marble counter tops and want to show them off just a little more? Surround your modern shaped vent hood in the slab as well! This one will take a little more effort and a licensed contractor to ensure the frame can hold the weight of the slab but it’ll be worth it.


Via Instagram


7. Modern Art: If you have an ultra modern kitchen, look no further than this piece of art to hang in your kitchen!


Via Art of Range Hoods

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