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Gift Guide for the New Homeowner (and pretty much anyone else on your list)

It’s the season of giving and that’s not about to stop for all our wonderful homeowners that have moved recently or will be in the new year. Whether you need a housewarming gift, or even just a gift idea for pretty much anyone in your life, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite products of the year that have been tried and true.

  1. The best bedding you’ll ever buy – Linen Tales Stone Washed Sheet set $275

Nothing makes a place feel like home quite like a cozy bed. Give the gift of rest and relaxation forever.

Via Linen Tales


  1. The mother of all kitchen appliances – The Ninja Air Fryer $99.99

Whether they’re trying to get healthier or just looking for a quicker way to make some crunchy foods, the Ninja can literally do it all!

Via Ninja on Amazon


  1. Drink the wine without the headache – Ullo Wine Filter and Decanter $129.99

By removing sulfites from wine, the Ullo system also eliminates the foggy next-day feeling of a couple glasses of wine. Why not enjoy your wine without the headache?

Via Ullo on Amazon


  1. Prettiest little mugs – Double Walled Glass Mugs $34.95

To say that these are coffee mugs alone would be an outright lie. I’ve made desserts, pretty cocktails, and so much more in these mugs that put it all on display.

Via Brew to a Tea on Amazon


  1. Save on daily coffee – Keurig Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino Maker $189.99

Save your time and money in the mornings and have a coffee shop quality drink within seconds at home. It makes tea, coffee, ciders, lattes, you name it!

Via Keurig


  1. For the entertainer in your life – An all-in-one entertaining bamboo set $45.86

An entertainment set unlike any other, complete with mingling plates, cheese board, knives, and serving utensils to make entertaining a breeze. Not to mention bamboo is dishwasher safe.

Via Elite Creations on Amazon


  1. Keep your tables in their best shape – Real Marble Drink Coasters $14.85

A classic, and simple staple that belongs in every household. They instantly add elegance with the weight and glamour of natural marble.

Via Radicaln on Amazon

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