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Fun & Productive Things to do at Home


In light of the extreme circumstances affecting people and businesses all over the world, we decided to compile a list of things you can do to keep busy while you’re at home with your loved ones. We are also doing everything in our power to keep business going for our clients but to also ensure the safety of everyone by only allowing one crew on each project at a time. The rest of us that can work remotely are also staying home and catching up on all the things we were putting off before. That being said, there’s no time like the present to tackle some things you’ve been wanting to do, wishing you had the time for, or things to just occupy your time through this quarantine.


Organize your garage, closet, bathroom, fridge, pantry – you can easily order containers, organizers, baskets all online (FYI – Ikea is still offering delivery in all locations)

Via Food Network


DIY things: such as crafts, home-made organization tools, bath bombs, candles, etc. – Pinterest is by far the best inspiration for these things

Via Decluttering Your Life


Create photos albums online and send them to family members

Via Ashley Joy Orfe


Tentatively plan a vacation – planning a vacation to a new country or region takes a lot of time and effort, so there’s no better time than now to do your research on where to stay, eat, what to see, etc. and it could help alleviate the travel bug we all have when we’re asked to stay put

Via Happily Ever Adventures


Home improvement – anything you can order online and install yourself with little effort such as light fixtures, mirrors, cabinet hardware, wallpaper – we love sources such as Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock and Etsy (Etsy is also a great way to support small businesses)

Via TopComp


Spray paint your brass fixtures black and your dingy vent covers either white or black

Via Listotic


Add wainscoting or a millwork feature to a room or hallway – if you have access to some plywood and paint

Via Angela Marie Made


Update your interior doors – add paneling and paint by following online instructions that are easy enough to do in a couple hours

Via How to Build it


Lime wash your brick fireplace: this is actually incredibly simple, you simply cut lime wash paint with water depending on the amount of pigment you want left. You should be able to order all of this material online.

Via TopComp



List things to sell online – stuff you no longer use but still have some value and you’ve been putting it off (sites we love include Tradesy, Postmark, The Real Real, eBay)

Via Southern Bourbon Mountains


Home maintenance – anything you can do yourself, get it out of the way now

Via Improve Net


Take me-time if you’ve been putting off due to activities and social obligations: read the book, learn the instrument, watch YouTube videos to learn a new skill, download the app to learn a new language, start a blog


Perfect a few new recipes with all the ingredients you found hidden in the back of your fridge and pantry after organizing (Pinterest is again a great resource for this too)


Hire a virtual designer to help you redo a room in your home you’ve been putting off – or download our E-Book for free when you and tackle it yourself!


Download a fitness app that will guide you through a no-equipment home workout – We love the Sweat app



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