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Decorating for Winter vs. Holidays



Although some people go bananas over the idea of decorating for Christmas, it really is a little short-lived. I must admit that as a lover of neutrals and often even traveling over the holidays growing up, I couldn’t care less about all the sparkly and colorful décor that often comes with the holidays. That being said, if the season can be extended beyond just the celebration, I’m a lot more likely to get on board. So, let’s go over ways you can decorate for winter as a cozy season that can last at least 3 months for you and your whole family to enjoy. I’m not suggesting you don’t put up a tree or completely squash any other holiday traditions, but rather add some décor that can outlast the holidays and give you that winter wonderland feeling for so much longer.


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Think cozy everything – adding texture is the easiest way to add “coziness” in your home. To do this, I love pulling out all my chunkiest knits, as many textured throw pillows as possible, and even faux fur to layer across hard surfaces. Another way to add to the cozy factor is through ambiance – to me, this is mainly lighting and smell. Luckily, both can be tackled with one simple trick, a ton of candles!


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The actual décor – as I mentioned before, I believe the key to winter vs holiday décor is keeping it neutral and natural. Keep your candles white, add faux snow into the bottom of hurricanes, add birch branches to a vase, stack some firewood around, and even frosted pinecones will do.


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If you’re second guessing whether or not your décor style is still too “holiday”, just look around and remove anything shiny or sparkly. You can continue to enjoy the traditions of the hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or cozy movie nights in all winter long to give you that warm place to gather for months. Keep your blankets handy, your candles lit, and even your fireplace if you’ve got one. There’s nothing that makes you want to stay home and snuggle your loved ones quite like the coziest room with all the layers.

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