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6 Bathroom Trends We’re Obsessed With

There are very few things that excite us quite as much as a beautiful bathroom that is equally functional and economical. That’s why we’re sharing our secrets for bathroom trends that are here to stay a while and certainly help sell a home for more. Typically a bathroom can be a major expense in a renovation, but with a few cosmetic updates from our list below, you can give yours a facelift this weekend on a budget.


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Wood Accents


Natural wood vanities are back in a big way and better than ever before. Modern lines, minimal details, and sleek hardware are just a few of the ways that natural wood today is better than your grandmother’s cherry cabinets. And although most trends tend to come full circle, there’s always a fresh, new take on an old classic, although it’d be nice to think that waiting for your yellow, polished oak to come back into style could pay off.


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Brass Hardware


Another oldie but goodie with a fresh new face! Mostly seen in brushed or matte gold, some are still going so bold as to use the traditional brass from the 70s and I’m not even mad about it. The new shapes for this color really bring the style into this century and elevate a space by adding a touch of traditional, classic, and luxury all with a little accessory.


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Black Accents


Matte black tile and grout has never looked sleeker! It gives a bathroom an instant modern look and need I say that you’ll never clean grout lines again? We’re also loving the matte black hardware on cabinets and plumbing fixtures as they contrast with light colored tile or wood cabinets. Move over oil rubbed bronze, black is a timeless color that is sure to make a statement whether used as a light fixture, tile, or hardware.


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What a better time than now to give this a go and in likely the smallest room in the house. You won’t feel like you’re making a major commitment with all the excellent quality peel and stick wallpaper available. We love using this as a statement behind mirrors, entire bathrooms, or just above some board and batten to balance out a bold pattern. If you’re an eager DIYer, this is one you can tackle with just a little elbow grease and a squeegee in a couple hours to give your space an instant facelift.


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Seamless Showers


Industrial framing is a thing of the past (even though it was just a thing last year!), a frameless glass shower creates the illusion of a massive open spa-like bathroom. We’re taking it one step further and avoiding shower dams whenever possible as well. A single pattern for floor into shower is the way to achieve this look, although unless you’re starting from scratch in a bathroom where you can slope the shower concrete so you don’t require a dam/curb, it may be a tough one to DIY.

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Statement Mirrors


We’ve never been happier than when we get to rip out a frameless mirror that goes wall to wall and replace it with aesthetically pleasing pieces that actually enhance the room and style. There are so many to choose from now that you can do a simple round with a metal frame mirror, add some gold, warm it up with a natural wooden frame, or even go high-tech with LED mirrors in more modern spaces. Mirrors can definitely be the way to elevate the room without a massive investment and typically the first place we start in any bathroom.


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