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5 Bold Trends for 2020

Via Plush Emisphere


In 2019 we began testing the waters with moody colors in small areas such as an accent wall, feature fireplace, island cabinets, and smaller rooms. This year we’re already seeing less fearful design and bold colors in unexpected and dramatic settings. A few vintage trends are rolling back around with fresh, new looks, and some of our favorite classics are being used in the most surprising ways. That being said, 2020 is a very bold year for design! So, get ready to say goodbye to rustic farmhouse décor, banana leaf wall paper, tuxedo kitchens, and white everything.


1. The year of blue – A real classic color in so many past eras, blue is making a comeback in very cool way. We’re seeing kitchen cabinets, walls, and accessories all take on a medium colored baby blue. Mix it with a burnt orange and you’ll be extremely on trend for 2020.


Via The Nordroom


2. 80’s glamour – Don’t panic, there’s a new twist to this retro style. We’re seeing curvy pieces coming back in velvet jewel tones, mirrored finishes that add some sparkle, and brushed brass details to top it all off.



Via Harika Hobiler


3. New country – I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we’re all sick of rustic farmhouse, but do not fear this new trend that’s about to steal the spot light in a big way. A mixture of natural textiles, neutral colors, and a warm feeling, this style takes a new approach to country living. A trend that I think will be the biggest of the year combining all of my favorite aspects of different design elements: neutral and natural, comfortable, appeals to the majority, has a minimalist vibe, with cleaner, more modern lines.


Via Studio McGee


4. Modern Mediterranean – I feel as though many trends in the last 5-10 years were boxed into a very short list of rules and no one stepped outside that box until now. Yes, it’s possible to create your own style by combining your favorite elements from each, and we’re finally seeing a bolder approach in design today. Modern Mediterranean may seem like a contradiction, but I assure you, in the right setting, a clean Mediterranean background with classic elements such as arches and natural stone can be the perfect setting for sculptural forms, a mix of bold colors, and loud patterns.



Via TLC Interiors


5. A moody 2020 – This year we’ll be seeing more risk in design as we’ve gotten bored of the all-white kitchen, patterned tile, and farmhouse fixtures. This year will feel like a year of luxury with dark, yet bold colors on both walls and cabinets, black limestone on countertops, textured and detailed millwork on walls, and décor colors in jewel tones. We’re no longer only looking for “light and airy” design, we desperately want more and this is the year it will show the most.



Via Pufik Homes

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