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20 Trends that are out for 2020

1. “Perfection” – non-lived in décor; as much as we all want the home that’s “perfect” all the time, it’s just not doable. Formal rooms just aren’t used enough to make them worth it or even that comfortable. Today we’re all about functional comfort that doubles as beautiful décor and we couldn’t be happier.

Via At Home By TE

2. White doors and trim – although this trend may seem a bit more timeless to me than most if you’re truly uncertain about the color to go with, it’s true that doors and trim can be a focal point and draw some moodiness without the darkness in any space.

Via Melanie Lissack Interiors

3. Industrial design – although it had its moment and may still be an active trend in the Meatpacking District or DUMBO in NYC, day to day, this is not exactly comfortable or inviting for most households especially with kids or pets.

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4. Traditional dining tables in the kitchen – this one is a bit tricky as it can still work in some settings, but realistically, it’s the island that people eat at or wherever your dining is. My way to get around this in a comfortable manner is to create some built in seating to create the comfort level of “eat-in dining” without the formality or the stiffness that can come from bar seating.

Via Apartment Therapy

5. Grey on grey – this has been a trend that’s been on the way out for a long time and finally OVER. Trends today are gearing more towards natural tones and bright colors or jewel tones to add some serious personality to the space.

Via Insidexterior

6. Cool tones – this goes back to the greys and industrial styles – people are opting for comfort and livability over anything else these days. Make your colors warm, your textures inviting, and your sofas very, VERY comfortable!

Via Home Ideas

7. Open shelving – I’m a bit torn on this one because it’s a way that forces people to keep their functional design also beautiful, and with an OCD mentality, I love using function as décor and displaying it on open shelves. Most do say though that they don’t fit as much as they’d like or it becomes cluttered with time because they don’t focus on the appearance rather than function over time.

Via McGee & Co

8. The accent wall – this is one that was basically a test subject for a long, LONG time. In the design world, it’s a little more all or nothing but most people prefer testing out a small space with either a bold pattern or color before fully committing. We recommend doing it in a smaller room instead rather than doing a single wall where it may simply appear as though you ran out of paint or wall paper.

Via Hunker

9. Granite countertops – Another one that has me torn because a lot of classics are coming back this year. With all the man-made stones that are much more durable it’s tough to make an argument for natural stone that is much more porous and can stain, isn’t as heat resistant, etc., but it can still look beautiful in a classic kitchen if it’s not completely in the spotlight as it was in the early 2000s.

Via Blog for You

10. Mirrored furniture – move over Z gallery, your decade is up.

Via Benton Collections

11. Faux plants – we’re opting for the real thing as they can be beneficial for our health and our interiors alike. If you’re like me and believe you’ll kill any plant in sight, read this brief post on plants that can basically survive without you but also clean the air and look beautiful.

Via Sunshine and Sweet Tea

12. Mosaic patterns – I can admit that I haven’t used a mosaic pattern in years, bolder design is definitely the way to go especially in smaller areas such as a fireplace surround or kitchen backsplash.

Via Tile Shop

13. Over the range microwaves – hoods are the new necklaces – the jewelry of the kitchen that keeps you looking up and for good reason. You can get so creative in this space without it costing much at all.

Via Best Buy

14. Subway tile – Oh. Thank. Goodness. It’s about time! Subway tile reminds me of the subway tile IN THE SUBWAY in NYC and that’s not a good look. It mostly feels like dirty grout from years of wear if you contrast it, and although it may seem timeless, it’s really more industrial which we’ve earlier learned is out of style. It’s just not that cozy, doesn’t add to the esthetic appeal, and you won’t look at it in a couple years and still be in love. That’s the definition of a “trend”. Thanks a lot Chip and Joanna!

Via A Transformed Home

15. Formal separation of spaces – Oh don’t even get me started – I’ve been preaching this for years and I’m so glad people are finally catching up. Let’s not kid ourselves – even our grandmothers who covered all the formal furniture in plastic never actually used the “formal rooms” so let’s finally start using our entire homes as they should be for US! That may mean kids play room, office, art studio, craft room, dog lounge area, WHATEVER! Let’s stop worrying about what it SHOULD be!

Via Decor Head

16. Concrete flooring – cold and completely unnecessary. Again, with the industrial, it’s out and thank goodness for that. The only place concrete floors belong is the garage.

Via Apartment Therapy

17. Real marble – although real marble will never actually be out of style, we’re seeing sales of manmade stones like quartz that looks like marble finally surpass the real thing due to functionality and durability.

Via My Domaine

18. Arches – this one has been on the way out for quite some time, although I’m still a big believer that everything has its place in the right setting. For example, a light and bright Santa Barbara home would look incomplete without a few arches.

Via Houzed it

19. All white kitchens – this one is a bit like the real marble, although it will never really be out of style, people are getting sick of the trend that was in the spot light for so many years and now craving something different. We’re seeing more moody kitchens and jewel tones for cabinets in the design world.

Via TomKat Studio

20. Metal framed furniture – think mainly beds; they’ve now been surpassed by the four-poster bed and we couldn’t be more excited about the dramatic change.

Via Interior Designs Home

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